Whois Paulo Querido

Hello, my name is Paulo Querido. I'm a Portuguese journalist and writer.

As a free-lancer I worked recently for Dinheiro Vivo (last article: Viver na nuvem. Como as empresas digitais fogem ao fisco).

As a journalist-programmer, I wrote several web apps and I'm developing one for the portuguese news agency Lusa.

From 2010 to 1013 I had a daily column at Jornal de Negócios; I wrote for several leading media in Portugal like Expresso, Público and Correio da Manhã.

I did almost everything in newspapers with a typewriter, a phone and a telex machine in the eighties, a CP/M computer and a CompuServe account in the eighties and the Internet in the nineties.

I still do things but the names have changed around us: MacBook Air, PHP, Javascript, Python, Apache, Linux...

I wrote a lot about technology and Internet. I still write, but these days mainly about economics and trends.

Actual Connections

Recent articles about Internet and its impact on the economy at Dinheiro Vivo here.

My column at Jornal de Negócios, a leading, economics portuguese newspaper (archive here).

I worked for Belgium television RTL website most of 2012.

I provided web apps and private reports (newsroom intelligence) to Jornal de Negócios, Record and Correio da Manhã.

Technical Skills

  • I use mainly PHP and Linux shell scripting. Did Perl in the past.
  • At the frontend I am a HTML 5 + Javascript guy.
  • Learning Python.
  • I can run a server in a few minutes on the Amazon cloud services (AWS, EC2, S3).
  • I can tweak a MySQL or an Apache with modest success and be proud of it.
  • I can install a Varnish accelerator with simple configuration. It helps.


  • Bought a Spectrum 48K in 1983. I wrote a BASIC application (we call them "programmes" at the time) to do the math beyond the soccer scores (before we made them by hand with the help of a handheld calculator, every sunday). We reduced the execution time from 3 hours to 20 minutes! It was my first computer-assisted journalism product ;)
  • First modem in 1988. 1.200 baud and lots of garbage.
  • CompuServe account in 1989.
  • First interview via Internet ever published in my country's press (used CompuServe to send questions and receive answers from a portuguese sailor in the middle of the ocean during the Whitbread Ocean Race 1989/90).
  • Co-founded a commercial BBS ("A Rede", that means "The Network" in portuguese) circa 1992.
  • I wrote the first of five books related to Internet in 1988. It is titled "Homo Conexus".
  • Before the dot-com crash I was editor-in-chief of "Recortes", a web-only technology magazine.
  • Discovering Perl an Perl/Tk in 2000/2001 was really something!
  • In 2003 I rebranded my "webpage" to "blog". In June I started weblog.com.pt, probably the first blogging system made in Portugal.
  • 2008 was the year I turned into a journalist-programmer. First web app: OE2009, a stream about the discussion of the portuguese public budget for the next year, combining news, blogs, tweets and delicious bookmarks, with a crowdsourcing component.

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